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The Dark Cloud

I woke up with a dark cloud over my head this morning. It doesn’t happen often. But when it does, I don’t like it. I don’t like feeling negative one tiny bit.
I had a hundred different things swirling in my mind. Things I needed to do. People I needed to contact. Things I didn’t want to forget. Situations I couldn’t control.
As Chad made his breakfast before leaving for work, he quietly let me vent. Anxiety was trying to get the best of me and I knew it.
Chad hugged me.
“I’m going to leave this right here, where it belongs,” he half-jokingly said, waving his hand above me.
When he reminded me he had other dinner plans, on the way out the door, it was the last thing I could take. I love our evenings together. I just nodded and turned away, finally letting go of the tears that begged to escape.
I looked through the side windows flanking the front door. Pink remnants of the sunrise filled the sky. A beautiful reminder I wasn’t alone.
“God, fill me with your peace. I can’t do this alone. Help me to focus on just today and what you have for me,” I prayed.
Recently I’ve been considering deep spiritual questions like, why do I believe Jesus is who he claimed to be? And why do I believe Scripture is true? In short, why do I believe what I believe?
My faith has been reaffirmed in multiple ways as I’ve sought answers, but none so clearly as this morning.
My black cloud gave way to peace.
Real, soul-penetrating peace.
Peace that doesn’t make sense apart from a loving, supernatural God.
I knew, once again, my faith isn’t just head-knowledge. I changed. There was no denying it.
That’s what a personal relationship with Jesus does. It changes you.
It helps you see things from his perspective.
It helps you let go of the things you aren’t meant to carry.
It helps you see how much he loves you.
Just try him.
Maybe if you have a cloud above you, you’ll have a breakthrough, too.


  1. Amanda Pelfrey

    I’m super stressed at work with more piling on as my inbox dings with new emails as I type this. I literally had just rolled my eyes and let out a big groan before I saw your email in my inbox. Seeking a little refuge from the daily grind, I clicked the link, read your words, and now I, too, feel a breakthrough. Thanks for sharing the good and the bad, Christina!

    1. That’s awesome, Amanda! I hope your workload gets a little lighter, too.?

  2. Christie Emery

    Beautifully written. Thanks for sharing! ?

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