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That Extra Skein of Yarn

This spring when I knit these mittens designed by Leelee Knits, it was the first time I had a hunch I may never stop knitting. I learned so much with this project, including how to join new colors and graft with the Kitchener stitch. I even made my own hand-stamped copper buttons to accent the ribbing.

I honestly wasn’t sure about the yarn the first time I used it. Prior to these mittens I had only knit with wool, so the acrylic took some getting used to. I was still occasionally splitting yarn, too, so that was frustrating. Nonetheless, when I ordered yarn for the mittens, I was sure to order extra, just in case.

Fast forward to August when I was no longer splitting yarn and could comfortably call myself a knitter, it was time to decide what to do with that extra skein of yarn.

The beauty of bulky-weight yarn is that it knits up quickly. I thought it was the perfect choice for a beanie. I also used a larger needle than I used for the mittens, and it felt like a better fit for the yarn.

The end result? It was the Gray Fox Beanie, my 2nd pattern release. 🎉

Designing this hat brought another first: making a yarn pom! It was so very satisfying. 😊

If you’d like to knit this hat yourself, buy the pattern by clicking here.

Happy knitting! 🧶


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