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Tailored – A Brand New Font

Font-making has never been at the top of my to-do list. Actually, it’s never made my list at all. I’ve had zero interest…until recently, that is. I just joined the group of talented designers over at Creative Market and well-made fonts are always in demand. I’ve even purchased some myself, recently. So when inspiration (shockingly) hit, I rolled with it.

I decided to go with a simple sans serif font just to get the process down. Honestly, from start to finish, it felt like running a marathon. I first drew the font in Illustrator, experimenting while learning how to make all the letters, numbers and characters consistent in height, width and use of line. For example, the curves in a capital “B” have to match the curve of a capital “R”. Once all items were drawn to my satisfaction, I then researched font editing software. This was no easy task as I learned the software I was initially considering works on Mac only (and I confess I am a designer who uses Windows!). But finally I settled on a product and made the investment, trusting that I would use it enough to justify the cost.

Learning how to use the font editor was a challenge to put it mildly. Even with the ability to copy and paste straight from Illustrator, I struggled with sizing and kerning and just trying to understand the software settings. Some tasks weren’t very intuitive and I even found myself touching the code to make them work the way I wanted. Yes, Google and I became even better friends. 🙂

Finally I got to the point where I was ready to install and test the font on my computer. And thank goodness for friends who have Macs and are willing to be quality assurance for me! I felt a tremendous sense of satisfaction in typing out the letters I drew one-by-one.

Even though the process was challenging, it was a GOOD challenge and one that I think is going to serve me, and other designers, well.

Here are samples of the Tailored font in action:

tailored font

If you’d like to use Tailored in your own design projects, you can purchase it on Creative Market right here.


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