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Boston Thou Art (Still) Beautiful

Yesterday’s acts of violence at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon sent me reeling.  I watched video footage in horror as fellow runners and their supporters, with no warning, were physically assaulted by two bomb blasts.  This attack happened on people that I love, in a city that I love. Running is not […]

A Little of This and That

Sometimes my thoughts are all over the place.  Sometimes that’s good, especially when creative ideas are flowing.  Sometimes that’s bad, especially when I have much to do and can’t organize the tangled clutter in my head.  But today, it’s good!  So in no certain order, here’s a snapshot of latest work, thoughts about now and […]

Aliens and an Ultra-Marathoner

When I ran my first half marathon, I was so exhausted afterward, from the days in training plus the race itself, that I decided not to run another one “anytime soon”, if ever.  A sprained ankle and almost three years later, a friend asked me to run another half.  I was skeptical.  But when I […]

Mile Markers

Today on my morning run I had a revelation of the signage kind: there are more mileage markers on the trail than I previously thought.  I was accustomed to seeing the large, clearly visible signs that appear every half mile.  Since I don’t wear a watch that tells me how far I’ve run, I depend […]

The Shudder

Recently my husband and I were sitting back on the couch, feet propped up, enjoying a TV show, when out of nowhere he shuddered…at me.  (Note: nothing can make me feel more unlovely more quickly than when the one I’ve committed forever to, shudders at my presence.)  I followed his eyes to the source of […]

How Sweet It Is

A week & a half ago I sprained my ankle on the running trail while training for my upcoming half marathon.  I wasn’t sure why I fell, but knew it happened from either tripping on 1) an uneven board on the boardwalk or 2) brown, spiky, round things that had fallen from the trees. Fast-forward […]