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A Beautiful Change in El Salvador

Three weeks ago I boarded a flight in Atlanta with 15 other team members on a globalX short term mission trip to El Salvador. Today and back home, I’m a different person. Our purpose in El Salvador was to serve alongside La Casa de mi Padre, a children’s home whose vision is to heal hearts, […]

The Skies

Psalm 19:1 I’ve thought on this verse many times, looking up at the tops of the trees and puffy clouds gracefully gliding across the sky. Even if we (humans) say nothing at all, the rest of God’s creation speaks on His behalf. “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of […]


When I was a child sitting in church on Sunday and listening to the pastor speak, I’d notice the Bible he occasionally picked up and held in his hands.  It always looked gigantic, full of thousands of pages I could never imagine having enough time to read.  And I wasn’t even sure I wanted to.  […]

Cake Lighting Service

While driving through town recently I read a church sign that said “Cake Lighting Service – 7:30pm”.  Cake lighting?  On second glance the sign actually said “Candle Lighting Service”.  I laughed for a moment; maybe I had a sudden attack of the sweet tooth.  But given that Christmas is only 4 days away, a cake […]

The Momentum Theorem

Back in 2007, Dave Ramsey, who is known for his expert advice on managing money and staying out of debt, made a guest appearance at North Point Community Church to speak on his “Momentum Theorem”. It looked like this: Focused intensity over time, multiplied by God, equals unstoppable momentum.  At the time, I was in […]

Mile Markers

Today on my morning run I had a revelation of the signage kind: there are more mileage markers on the trail than I previously thought.  I was accustomed to seeing the large, clearly visible signs that appear every half mile.  Since I don’t wear a watch that tells me how far I’ve run, I depend […]

Rejoicing Comes in the Morning

Our precious Hannah-dog had surgery this week and is recovering.  Right now she’s weak, unable to bark much (blessing in disguise), and unable to jump or climb stairs.  We have to carry her almost everywhere!  Thank goodness she doesn’t weigh very much.  We’re experiencing sleepless nights that will, hopefully, end in a week’s time.  If […]

The King of Elephants

A friend of mine described a conversation she had with her toddler son recently and allowed me to share it with you.  It sounded like this: Boy:     I’m the king of elephants. I protect the elephants. Mom:  From what? Boy:     MUD! Mom:  How do you protect elephants from the mud? Boy:    By holding the baby […]