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Painting Again

It’s been years since I’ve given oil paints a try and, even back then, I didn’t use them long enough to grow comfortable with them. But recently, I felt inspired to break them out and just paint something small. No pressure, just experimentation. I really loved the feel of painting on paper. 5.5 years ago, […]

Pouring Out and Filling Up

Every artist experiences bountiful seasons of creativity and dry seasons when good ideas seem elusive. Sometimes in the desert, your heart tells you it’s time to create but instead, you find an excuse to do anything but make art. I didn’t use to believe in this concept called “artist’s block”, but I’ve experienced it enough […]

An Unexpected Gift: Part 2

A few weeks ago I shared with you the charcoal drawing we were given, made by Mom Steward, that we didn’t even know existed. Since then, we’ve received more of her art possessions that are equally as special: an old box of charcoal sticks and a charming wooden box of Talens colored pastels. Again, we […]

2011 Atlanta Dogwood Festival Spiffy-Style

On Friday I had a unique opportunity to assist one of the judges at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival, one of the largest artist markets in the southeast.  Put me at an art festival and I’m one happy camper.  So I was thrilled to be able to get a behind the scenes glimpse at the judging […]

“Tree in Bloom” – New Acrylic Painting

I had some paint left on my palette after finishing “Georgia Spring“, so I made this fun little 5×7 tree.  For the past year I’ve been in love with grays and reds/purples.  Judging by my wardrobe, you’d think that color combination is the new black.  It’s funny that it’s now shown up in my art. […]