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Pebble Mixed Metal Jewelry

I haven’t worked with hand-formed chain too much before now, but I really enjoy the rich texture of hammered wire. When a thick gauge is used, it has a nice weight to it. These are a couple variations of the “Pebble” theme. Made from copper and sterling silver, I go back to mixed metal jewelry […]

Verdigris Copper Patina

Lately I’m fascinated with the process of creating a blue, verdigris patina on copper.  The end result is always a surprise, never to be repeated again, that requires experimentation to achieve. I’m especially fond of the contrast between the aged, rustic finish and modern, geometric shapes.  Add sterling silver to the mix, and it’s a […]

New Fall Jewelry “Line”

“Line” is in quotes because that may be a stretch: there are only two pieces in this new jewelry “line”. 😉  However, they are most definitely inspired by Fall.  These are my submissions for a local artist show being held in September, with a Fall theme.  Since that’s my favorite season of the year, it […]

In the Groove

Every now and then I have artist “brain-block”, when it seems no matter how hard I try, a design idea worth implementing just won’t come to mind.  That typically happens when I purposefully sit down to sketch ideas on paper.  But sometimes when I least expect it, ideas and inspiration flood my mind (and heart), […]

Losing Track

When I receive an email that an order has been placed in my online shop, it’s always a pleasant surprise.  While I’ve been in business long enough to know that orders will come in as long as I continue to do my part, I never expect it to happen the moment it does.  It puts […]

Copper Earring Love

The past two weeks have been somewhat different from the norm: last week C and I spent a week in FL on vacation, and this week, well, I must have had too much fun because I contracted a virus that left me with a 24-hour fever, among other things.  C joked that I’m a “bubble […]

Chevron Design From Sketch to Metal

Many times my jewelry designs begin as an idea in my head that I sketch onto paper.  It can be as simple as this: Sketching helps me iron out as many details as possible before I begin actual work on the piece.  It’s quality control up front. Once I’m satisfied with a general sketch, I’ll […]


Music is one of those rare and special gifts that you just feel in your bones.  It has a way of reaching your soul like nothing else.