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Custom Artist Palette Necklace Pendant

Recently I had the honor of making this artist palette necklace pendant for a fellow artist and friend. She’s a super talented painter, so when she asked me to make a custom piece just for her, I was extremely flattered. She had a strong design idea for me to work with, knowing she wanted paints […]

Rejection: It hurts. It propels.

It finally happened: I applied for a fine arts show and was…rejected. You see, I can count on both hands the number of shows I’ve applied for. Each time I’ve been accepted I’ve been thrilled. But ten isn’t very many, and I knew that one day I’d be reading a “regrets” email instead of a […]

Back to the Jewelry Studio

I’m finding my way back to the jewelry studio. It felt great to finish a few pieces yesterday, just because I could. But I’m a little rusty. What you don’t see here is the other bangle on which I melted a “pebble” and soldered one on the wrong side, and some ear wires I managed […]

Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

We’re just a few short weeks away from Valentine’s Day, and it occurred to me I hadn’t added any new heart designs to my shop.  How rude. 😉  What resulted was a tweak to one of my previous designs, the sterling silver double-hearts pendant with granule.  This time, I created a loop bail from thick […]

Copper Jewelry, Inspired

Taking a class to gain a new skill is a good way to fast-track your learning.  Watching a live person demonstrate new techniques, and being able to bounce ideas off him/her and your classmates, results in synergy you can’t experience on your own. It had been two years since my last metalsmith class.  Experimenting on […]

In the Groove

Every now and then I have artist “brain-block”, when it seems no matter how hard I try, a design idea worth implementing just won’t come to mind.  That typically happens when I purposefully sit down to sketch ideas on paper.  But sometimes when I least expect it, ideas and inspiration flood my mind (and heart), […]

Losing Track

When I receive an email that an order has been placed in my online shop, it’s always a pleasant surprise.  While I’ve been in business long enough to know that orders will come in as long as I continue to do my part, I never expect it to happen the moment it does.  It puts […]

Etched Silver Sea Turtle Pendant

I’m not adverse to working on the weekends; the creative thoughts in my head rarely turn off.  But, I typically force myself to stay out of the studio, so I can accomplish things around the house that I neglected during the week.  This weekend, however, was a lost cause.  I’ve been tossing a design idea […]