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Custom Artist Palette Necklace Pendant

Recently I had the honor of making this artist palette necklace pendant for a fellow artist and friend. She’s a super talented painter, so when she asked me to make a custom piece just for her, I was extremely flattered. She had a strong design idea for me to work with, knowing she wanted paints […]

In Recent Weeks

Maybe a little-known fact about me: I like technology, but I don’t like paying for it. That’s ironic for someone with an IT background, isn’t it? A prime example is my cell phone. A friend recently asked when seeing it: “Is that a flip phone?”

Mixed Metal Teardrops

It’s easy to get frustrated when a design doesn’t go as planned, but if you push through, it almost always works itself out. I began these mixed metal teardrops with a completely different vision for the teardrop shape (I didn’t plan on a teardrop at all), but I think the end result turned out even […]

Pebble Mixed Metal Jewelry

I haven’t worked with hand-formed chain too much before now, but I really enjoy the rich texture of hammered wire. When a thick gauge is used, it has a nice weight to it. These are a couple variations of the “Pebble” theme. Made from copper and sterling silver, I go back to mixed metal jewelry […]

More Polymer Clay Jewelry

While I think all of my pieces can be considered “art jewelry”, polymer clay jewelry especially feels that way to me. It can take on any shape or form, and be any color desired. There are no artistic limitations with this medium. When I began work on these earrings I had a specific idea in […]

Polymer Clay Earrings

Since my recent drawing spree, I had been itching to break out my polymer clay stash just so I could play with color. I also had to break out my books on polymer for a refresher, but it didn’t take long to remember how to work with it. I ended up with these textured earrings […]

A Simple Reminder

Time at the bench has been limited and precious in recent weeks. I’ve been traveling, visiting with family, and working on an exciting new business opportunity that I’ll share with you soon. This morning, though, I spent some time in the studio, completing a copper ring order that was due today. As I applied the […]

Rejection: It hurts. It propels.

It finally happened: I applied for a fine arts show and was…rejected. You see, I can count on both hands the number of shows I’ve applied for. Each time I’ve been accepted I’ve been thrilled. But ten isn’t very many, and I knew that one day I’d be reading a “regrets” email instead of a […]