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They Feel Like Butter

Selling art and handcrafted jewelry online is not quite like selling it in person.  While I do my best to take photos of my work so customers know just what they’re getting, it’s impossible to convey 100% of the details by that alone.  You can get close, but there is no replacement for seeing an […]

Chevron Design From Sketch to Metal

Many times my jewelry designs begin as an idea in my head that I sketch onto paper.  It can be as simple as this: Sketching helps me iron out as many details as possible before I begin actual work on the piece.  It’s quality control up front. Once I’m satisfied with a general sketch, I’ll […]

New Etched Monarch Butterfly and Rain Cloud Pendants

I spent the latter part of last week catching up after being away from home visiting friends and family in FL.  As always, the time with them was very special.  Getting back into the groove afterward, not so much!  I managed to place a much-needed supplies order, catch up on (some) of my emails, finish […]

New Jewelry Work, New Technique

New to the shop this week is a summery, silver pendant with a large, natural turquoise gemstone as the focal point.  There was a time when I was obsessed with the color of turquoise; I wore it non-stop for a summer or two.  This pendant brings back memories!  I tried something different by introducing hammered […]

The Week in Photos

Hello blog readers! Wow, what a week I had last week.  It started with a relaxing, long weekend getaway to Key Largo, FL, and ended with a flurry of jewelry orders, just in time for Mother’s Day.  [Note to self: next time you plan a vacation, be sure it’s not right before a holiday. ;)]  […]

Show News and Shop Updates

The past couple of weeks held a flurry of activity getting ready for the art and jewelry show. When the day arrived I was blessed with yet another gorgeous day of sunshine and cool temps.  This show built on the last, as I learned more from a logistics standpoint and how I can improve on […]

Feeling Good

Hi Friends, I hope the past couple of weeks have been good to you.  My favorite part was allowing myself to eat way too much chocolate, an indulgence that only happens around certain holidays.  That, and I’ve been feeling high, literally, from running and doing strength-training again.  It gives me a ton of energy and […]

New Jewelry, New Techniques

Ah, it’s been a great week.  Regarding my handcrafted jewelry, I’ve made some discoveries and changed some of my techniques for the better.  I won’t go into every detail, but do want to highlight a few of them. One is that I’ve ventured into the world of beading.  There is a local bead store I’ve […]