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New Fall Jewelry “Line”

“Line” is in quotes because that may be a stretch: there are only two pieces in this new jewelry “line”. 😉  However, they are most definitely inspired by Fall.  These are my submissions for a local artist show being held in September, with a Fall theme.  Since that’s my favorite season of the year, it […]

In the Groove

Every now and then I have artist “brain-block”, when it seems no matter how hard I try, a design idea worth implementing just won’t come to mind.  That typically happens when I purposefully sit down to sketch ideas on paper.  But sometimes when I least expect it, ideas and inspiration flood my mind (and heart), […]

Etched Silver Sea Turtle Pendant

I’m not adverse to working on the weekends; the creative thoughts in my head rarely turn off.  But, I typically force myself to stay out of the studio, so I can accomplish things around the house that I neglected during the week.  This weekend, however, was a lost cause.  I’ve been tossing a design idea […]

Copper Earring Love

The past two weeks have been somewhat different from the norm: last week C and I spent a week in FL on vacation, and this week, well, I must have had too much fun because I contracted a virus that left me with a 24-hour fever, among other things.  C joked that I’m a “bubble […]

They Feel Like Butter

Selling art and handcrafted jewelry online is not quite like selling it in person.  While I do my best to take photos of my work so customers know just what they’re getting, it’s impossible to convey 100% of the details by that alone.  You can get close, but there is no replacement for seeing an […]

Chevron Design From Sketch to Metal

Many times my jewelry designs begin as an idea in my head that I sketch onto paper.  It can be as simple as this: Sketching helps me iron out as many details as possible before I begin actual work on the piece.  It’s quality control up front. Once I’m satisfied with a general sketch, I’ll […]


Music is one of those rare and special gifts that you just feel in your bones.  It has a way of reaching your soul like nothing else.

DIY Ring Display

Sometimes you can’t find just the thing you’re looking for.  That was the case for me when searching for a ring display to use at my art show this weekend.  I don’t have a large ring inventory, so I only needed something small, and it had to be modern and work well with my other […]