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Christina Steward Lets Talk Art Podcast

Let’s Talk Art with Brooke Podcast

Recently I was invited to chat with Brooke Musterman on the “Let’s Talk Art with Brooke” podcast. We talk about how I got started selling artwork, what it’s been like to build a creative business, and more. If you’d like to listen, click here. ♥

100 Days of Pillows (63-69)

Warmer still. The good news is that it didn’t take until Day 75 to get comfortable again, as I predicted. It seemed to happen right after my last blog post with Day 63! Creativity really does need exercise much like a muscle. If you flex it, it grows bigger. Ignore it, even for a short […]

Tools Art Print on Canvas

Recently Chad asked me to create artwork for him to hang in his new office, which contains bare walls just waiting to be filled. Originally, I planned to make a large painting on canvas, the kind with acrylic or oil paint. But as I rummaged through my supplies and tried to think of a subject […]