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Sweet Rest

Blog Post Header - Sweet Rest-01I’ve heard it said that as an entrepreneur, when your “why” meets your passion, magic happens. You find the fuel to implement your ideas, commit to your projects and push through the difficult parts. Your business flourishes. Yes, I believe when the two intersect it is a powerful thing. But I also believe it’s not enough to rely on our own efforts. We become discouraged too easily, give up too easily and listen to the well-meaning opinions of others too easily.

I’d like to share something that sounds incredibly countercultural, at least here in the U.S. From Isaiah 30:15 – “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength.” Rest? Trust? Those words are passive, submissive. Who has time for that when there’s so much to be done?

Rest is not something that comes naturally to me. I never get bored because I can always find something to do. On the flip side, we know that not resting…not getting enough sleep, working around the clock, scheduling too much into our days, not unplugging from technology, worrying about tomorrow…simply can’t be sustained and allow us to function at our best. We were made to require rest.

If you get quiet for a moment, away from any distractions (really – try it!), close your eyes and just breathe deeply…doesn’t that feel great? You’d probably like to stay there awhile. The good news is that you can and should. We’re not designed to carry all-the-tasks, stress and worry on our shoulders. We’re designed to rest in a Heavenly Father and trust Him to show us what needs to be done each day and then accomplish it.

The best words that I heard from a trusted mentor were “You don’t have to try so hard”. Her words washed over me as I realized I had been trying, striving really, to be a certain way and make things happen on my own professionally. It was exhausting. I desperately needed rest. With her help I started trusting God like never before in all things, even things I didn’t realize I hadn’t fully surrendered to Him.

Then I found…




Creativity. Lots of it.

light bulb illustration

All because of Him.

This new confidence cannot be shaken. I trust God to fulfill the dreams He planted in my heart so many years ago. I don’t have to make them happen. He will.

I just need to rest.

Doesn’t that sound sweet?

Another call to rest from Psalm 116:7 – “Return to your rest, my soul, for the LORD has been good to you.” Notice here it says “return”. The writer had been there before. Why go back? Because God had been good to him. The next verse says God delivered his soul from death, wiped away his tears and kept his feet from falling.

I hope you learn to rest a little more and watch your world come alive. ❤


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