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The first day of spring is four days away and this season always makes me want to draw and paint. It’s one of the few constants in my creative journey. So, I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction of my artwork.

Since making the decision to work entirely online, it’s given me the freedom to focus on my art again. As I explore digital techniques more and more, I’ve realized there is still so much to learn about drawing, painting and expressing myself through art. And I believe the only way to arrive is by doing.

In my last post I shared some discoveries about image manipulation using Photoshop. Making those prints has since led to creating art, in a more traditional sense, using Photoshop “brushes”.

When I discovered you could create a traditional “oil” painting in Photoshop…or a watercolor painting, acrylic painting, charcoal drawing, etc., it was revelational to me. An entire world of possibilities opened up and I felt like a kid in a candy store.

Pear - Oils

This pear painting is entirely digital. Yet as I mixed “paints” on my computer screen, the blending of colors looked and felt strangely like the real thing.

She Speaks Love

A little fish illustration titled “She Speaks Love”. Here I tried watercolor with graphic outlines in black.

Ladybug Party

“Ladybug Party” – a combination of natural pencil and digital color.

Right now I honestly don’t know which style I prefer. I’m just experimenting and working toward finding my own unique voice. On top of learning to paint digitally, illustrating ideas is still fairly new to me.

So I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone.



And dreaming about the future.


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