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silver leaf stamped earrings

Silver Leaf Stamped Earrings

It’s been almost three years since I last designed a new jewelry piece. I stepped away when I lost that spark for making jewelry, when the “want to” became “have to”. I’ve even turned down a few custom requests. But I received one recently that touched my heart and I couldn’t say no. And in making that piece, I found the spark again.

I rediscovered the joy that simply comes from the process of making. Not because I have to sell something or prove to myself that I can do something. Just the creative high I get when working metal, soldering joints, revealing a beautiful patina.

I started small and made two pairs of silver ball stud earrings…and these. Hand cut, hand stamped leaves, jump rings and ear wires made from scratch. Each touch of the hammer and sanding wheel deliberate.

They have my heart in them.

And then, without trying very hard at all, someone bought them. Someone who appreciates them as much as I do. I had forgotten how sweet that exchange is.

My priorities have shifted recently, leaving creativity on my mind but not necessarily on my to-do list. Hopefully in the next year I can share exactly what that means. But for now, I’m going to put first things first and as I have the time, reward myself with a little drawing here, a little jewelry-making there.

Goodness I’ve missed this. Blogging, too. 🙂

~ Christina

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