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Show News and Shop Updates

The past couple of weeks held a flurry of activity getting ready for the art and jewelry show. When the day arrived I was blessed with yet another gorgeous day of sunshine and cool temps.  This show built on the last, as I learned more from a logistics standpoint and how I can improve on the display of my work.  I’ve also learned there is always an element of surprise and this time, it was bugs: teeny, tiny critters so small you could almost miss them, except that their bright, neon orange color gave them away. I learned REAL fast that it was a bad idea to squish them, especially on a white surface (ew). But, my husband saved the day when he found a much better way to “eliminate” them, using gift wrap tape: just stick and remove. No mess, no cleanup. Genius.

As expected, I really enjoyed talking with those who visited my tent, and seeing and hearing their reactions to my work. One of my favorite moments occurred when a new artist friend of mine noticed a little sign I had constructed to let others know my artwork had been chosen for Parenthood last year.  Before she could get her words out she was grinning from ear to ear, almost in laughter.  Parenthood is one of her favorite shows and she was thrilled to hear my art was on set.  Her obvious, genuine excitement just made me smile.

Here is a snapshot of the jewelry table.  Not bad for a first run?  There was a lot of white there.  I like it on the table, but next time will consider something for behind it if I’m going to have the white tent wall attached as shown here.

With that behind me, I have been busy making a few changes to my Etsy shop.  I’ve added a couple of new jewelry pieces, including a modern, silver ring with pierced bamboo design.

Also available is a single copper bangle bracelet vs. an entire set.

Lastly, I’m introducing a new section in my shop called “Imperfect Beauties”.  Sometimes I finish a jewelry piece (including polishing) and notice that something is a little off…just enough that I don’t want to rework it, but also feel like I can’t sell it for the regular price, and believe someone else would still enjoy it.  The item has to be functional, and of course beautiful, by my standards.  This section will be sparse, but I think it’s a fun, new way to share my work that otherwise would sit on the bench until the end of time.  The first item to be included here is one of the silver and copper stacking rings with silver granule.  The granule is just a hair off-center, but otherwise, it’s gorgeous.  You may think the price is, too. 😉

That’s it from an art-related front.  I’ll end with a few photos snapped around the yard recently.  Some of the blooms are almost finished, so I’m glad I caught them before it was too late.

Enjoy your week. 🙂


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