Brushed Silver Ball Studs


Modern and reminiscent of pearls.

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Brushed Silver Ball Studs – modern and reminiscent of pearls

These earrings are a customer favorite – sterling studs with a generous amount of silver, making them noticeable on your ears. They have weight to them but aren’t heavy. Each earring is formed from scraps of sheet metal left from other designs. When the flame touches the metal, it pools together and forms a ball. I make the earrings on a charcoal block so the backs are flat, perfect for attaching ear posts.

After construction I sand the earrings to remove any irregularities, tumble them in a rotary tumbler, then give them a modern, brushed finish.

Because of its neutral tone, silver jewelry can be worn with unlimited colors and outfits. These earrings can be worn every day or only on special occasions. When customers first saw these earrings at art shows, many would ask if they were pearls. My answer was always “no”, but it’s possible when you wear them, people won’t be able to tell the difference!


  • Approximately 6mm diameter
  • Solid sterling silver
  • Ear caps are provided though not shown in photos
  • Brushed finish

Your Brushed Silver Ball Studs will arrive in a beautifully packaged box, ready for gift-giving.

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