abstract painting for sale emerald isle
Abstract Painting for Sale – Emerald Isle

Abstract Painting for Sale – Emerald Isle


When I painted Coastal Dreams (painting just before this one) I used a palette knife to add bits of texture. With this one, I decided to just go for it and paint the entire thing with a knife. It’s loaded with texture and layer-upon-layer of paint!

The second thing I’ve learned about making abstract art: there’s always a stage where you want to give up, because you don’t like what’s on the canvas and you’re not sure that it’s going to get any better. This stage is hard – a tough mental block. All artists are familiar with it.

To get through it, you have to remind yourself you’re just in the “in between” and it *will* get better, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the moment. So, you just keep moving the paint, ignoring the urge to quit, until suddenly…one brush stroke rekindles the creative fire inside you, and you know the finished art’s going to be beautiful. ♥

► 10″ x 14″ acrylic on canvas panel
► Varnished applied to protect the painting.
► My initials are painted on the front.
► Original artwork by Christina Steward.

Colors on the actual artwork may vary slightly from what is shown on your screen.

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