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Pouring Out and Filling Up

Every artist experiences bountiful seasons of creativity and dry seasons when good ideas seem elusive. Sometimes in the desert, your heart tells you it’s time to create but instead, you find an excuse to do anything but make art. I didn’t use to believe in this concept called “artist’s block”, but I’ve experienced it enough times to know it’s a real thing. Fortunately, though, I’m currently in one of the most freeing times in my art journey.

The one thing I’ve been missing for *so long* is to just


and be okay with whatever ends up on the canvas…or paper…or computer screen. To just let the art pour out and not judge what I’ve made, or feel like others have to like it, or try to make something that will sell. Those things are certainly important in business, but as I work toward finding my unique style, it’s necessary to just experiment and make what I personally love, so my art can become a true reflection of me.

Let me tell you, though, as I catch glimpses of what might be, it’s difficult to not just steam-roll ahead and start putting things in motion! I’m trying to patiently wait and just enjoy the process until I know it’s time to put my art “out there” in a different way.

I visited the library recently looking for more inspirational art books, and a search for digital illustration turned one up titled “Mastering the Art of Fabric Printing and Design” by Laurie Wisbrun. While I don’t know if textile design is in my future, it’s definitely inspired me to explore making patterns more and even shares some Illustrator and Photoshop tips that I didn’t already know (score!).


This is the first pattern that emerged, featuring line drawing, some of my favorite colors and my little infatuation with mushrooms.

Pattern - Watercolor Raindrops

Next came watercolor “raindrops” using a color palette I pulled from a photo I took at the aquarium. Yes, even old photos bring color inspiration!

P3 - Watercolor Umbrellas - 4-2016 copy

The raindrops then, naturally, led to umbrellas using the same color palette. I love how featuring the pink and coral more, and the green and midnight blue less, gives an entirely different effect that still complements the raindrops. There may be more in this series – TBD.

So while the art is pouring out day-by-day, I’m just going to give thanks and let it fill me up. ♥



  1. You are on to something. I commented twice on your instagram today about fabric and print for these patterns you are creating. And then boom – I read your blog and that’s already on your mind. I can definitely see these patterns on paper (invitations, scrapbooks…), wallpaper, and fabric (baby items – strollers, highchairs, etc – or even fabric for quilting, or coated for rainwear, swimwear…). Keep doing what you are doing! And keep us updated!

    1. I really appreciate your input (and hope you saw my comments back on IG – been commenting from my desktop vs. phone and not sure if IG likes that!). Art licensing has definitely been on my mind and is something I may consider when the time is right. Or, it might be feasible to make some products myself…especially paper ones. Love your ideas & encouragement – thank you! <3

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