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Patterns and Butterflies

Patterns and butterflies. Not necessarily butterflies in a pattern, but the butterflies I’ve felt in my stomach as I continue making art and know I’m going in the right direction.

Since my last post I’ve been consistently trading off between watercolor art and more modern, graphic art with saturated color. I’m leaning toward one vs. the other (I think) and am having more thoughts regarding product possibilities. I’m still practicing patience as I wait a little longer, create art and refine ideas…and trust that allowing this process to happen naturally will yield better results.

Yesterday I walked in the back yard to find natural inspiration for artwork and had something very specific in mind. Instead, the unexpected caught my eye (love when that happens!) and shifted my focus entirely. I noticed small, maple leaf seeds in the form of “helicopters”, as I call them, dotting the ground underneath our tree. Their unique V-shapes automatically suggested a pattern to me, so I went to work and ended with this:

Seed Helicopters Pattern

Black, white, gray, red-orange and red-purple – my personal, perfect color palette. This pattern says “decorative pillow” to me.

Turquoise Water PatternWhen I made this pattern I had no preconceived ideas. I just sat down to a blank screen and started making marks. When the curving lines emerged, small “arrows” were added to suggest movement. And because it reminded me of water, calming blues and greens were chosen.

Black and White Radial Pattern

These radial designs were first generically sketched in pencil. I transferred the ideas to my computer, arranged the objects and then started playing with color. It turned out that black and white was most striking!

So, “what’s next” you ask? I can’t wait to find out either. ♥



  1. Your old GSU roomie


    These are amazing!
    I texted you from my phone to your email yday,but it could’ve very well went to your spam….
    I hope you received it!


    1. Hi Kelly!! Just replied to your email via your phone #. Let me know if *you* don’t receive it, had trouble sending it to your email address!

      1. Your old GSU roomie

        Yes!!I got it and replied back.
        That is my cell#…..(starting with 830)… text anytime. That’s the best way to reach me.
        I’m still digesting this creativity of yours I never knew about…these pieces are beautiful.
        I will definitely have to purchase some in the future!

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