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Tools Art Print on Canvas

Recently Chad asked me to create artwork for him to hang in his new office, which contains bare walls just waiting to be filled. Originally, I planned to make a large painting on canvas, the kind with acrylic or oil paint. But as I rummaged through my supplies and tried to think of a subject to paint (a landscape? still life? something else?), it didn’t feel right. I hadn’t painted in awhile and knew it would take time to get comfortable using the brushes and paints again. Then maybe I’d be able to create a piece that both of us loved. So, I let myself off the hook and did what comes naturally: I drew using the computer.

Chad gave me very few parameters for what he wanted. In fact, the only one was that the artwork couldn’t be girly. “No flowers,” he said. Check.

Chad is a handy guy, so eventually I chose a hand tools theme. I spent a few minutes picking up and putting down the various tools at his work bench, examining their shapes and sizes to determine which ones contributed the most variety. The selections were made and then I arranged, and rearranged, them flat on the floor until I could see the basic composition that would ultimately make up the finished piece.

The color choices were easy to make. I emphasized his favorite color with a dark, royal blue background and a bright, cobalt blue for the tool handles. I intentionally let some of the background peak through the tools, and left jagged edges, for texture.

Once the art was finished I sent the digital file off to be printed on canvas, so no frame or glass would be required for hanging. And, it would have a traditionally-painted appearance to it.

When I received the canvas in the mail, I couldn’t believe how well it was constructed and how accurate the colors were to my digital artwork. It also passed the husband seal of approval!

Tools Art Print on Canvas


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