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Moving Forward

I feel like I’m entering yet another season of creativity.  As I look ahead in my calendar, there are many pages not yet filled with ink.  My thoughts are turning again to working on my website, trying new metalsmith techniques, introducing new jewelry designs…all while I have the freedom to do so.  Life experience has shown me that there will be sharp turns and bumps along the way that dramatically slow the progress toward my goals.  But I’m determined to face them when they come, experiencing the pain and discomfort, and then persevering, never losing sight of my calling in this world.

Speaking of website, I picked it up again this week.  Truthfully, I wanted to scrap it at first.  After several months of neglect, it took me a few hours just to ramp up and remember where I left off.  I felt the familiar frustration of software development.  But when things started to click again, I took a step back and thought “Hey, that’s not so bad!”.  I’ve made real progress on it.  I’m determined to see it finished.

Another small achievement involves product photography and discovering a couple of new ways to shoot my jewelry.  I knew I needed a change when I learned a few pieces receive a lot of compliments in person, but yet didn’t generate the same excitement within my online shop.  Such was the case with the silver and brass “Jackie” earrings (renamed – in case you noticed!).  After more experimentation with staging and lighting, this photo was captured.  I like the way the sparkle is highlighted on the hammered brass…how the earrings have a sense of hanging in space, how the contrast between the metals is amplified.  I also added a couple of small rings to the top of the earrings to give them more swing.

"Jackie" EarringsYou may recognize these “River” earrings, too.  They’re back in the shop, this time in a brushed silver finish.

Silver River Earrings

Did you know I use a light box for many of my product photos?  Well, both of these photos were taken using natural light from a window.  I think in many cases, that’s the way to go.

These may sound like minor changes, and I suppose they are, but accomplishing even baby steps means I’m moving forward.


  1. I love the way this is written… yet another talent you share so gracefully!

    1. Thanks A…and for still reading. 🙂

  2. Rachel C.

    This creative side surely didn’t come from “our” side of the family! You are a metalsmith, sketcher, AND photographer! Wow! Super impressed & proud Auntee right here!!!

    1. Thanks Rachel. Actually, the creative genes are on both sides of my family! Grandma is the musician, and did you know Dad can draw? I’ve seen him make fun little doodles/drawings that are works of art by themselves. #truth

  3. Mary Olin

    Yes, what THEY said! You are, indeed, a gifted young lady! So much of what we do depends on attitude..and I love your “moving forward” mindset! (The photos are great, by the way!) You just keep on keepin’ on, girl!! ((hugs))

    1. Mary – thank you! I agree – the way we respond to life circumstances makes all the difference.

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