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It’s Greek to Me

Yesterday Chad and I spent time at a local Greek festival that occurs each October.  When I see signs displayed for it in the weeks prior, I know that Fall has arrived.  I love the smells and taste of the food, hearing the cheerful “Opa”s!, and listening to the music play.  It never fails to be bright, cool and breezy.  It is a slice of heaven.

In the past week I’ve been busy making new jewelry and rethinking the backdrops I previously used for photographing some of my pendants.  I kept looking at my photos and something wasn’t quite right; my design sense told me the photos were too busy.  Sometimes, less is more.

So, the photo of my hammered ovals pendant went from this:

to this:

Aaaah, that’s much better. 🙂  My photos will evolve over time, but I was starting to lose sleep over that one.

Today I added the first pair of earrings to my shop.  I love these earrings, so much that I made 2 pairs…one to keep (ha!) and one to sell.  I had no intention of keeping a pair, but when I saw how beautifully the first ones turned out, I couldn’t sell them!  I laughed because that’s a habit I don’t want to start but knew I’d feel that way sooner or later.

Here’s the pair that IS for sale:

Copper and Sterling Silver Half Disc Earrings

Did you notice my maker’s mark on the back of the earrings?  I found a fellow Etsian who makes stamps/tools for metal and asked him to create a stamp for me.  (His stamps are art themselves!)  I love that I can easily mark my jewelry with the same signature I apply to my drawings and paintings.

This past week I made a few small strides in metalworking.  With each piece I make, I learn what works and what doesn’t; hands-on experience is the best kind.  And while some of it may still be Greek to me, it’s a language I plan to master.

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