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In the Groove

Every now and then I have artist “brain-block”, when it seems no matter how hard I try, a design idea worth implementing just won’t come to mind.  That typically happens when I purposefully sit down to sketch ideas on paper.  But sometimes when I least expect it, ideas and inspiration flood my mind (and heart), for example this past Sunday night when I was simply watching TV with Chad.  In moments of feeling stuck, I need to remind myself of when the opposite is true.  Those moments can and will happen.  And very often, one idea feeds another.

I hadn’t picked up polymer clay in awhile, but the lure of the color and formation possibilities keeps it nearby.  I dusted off a book on polymer clay techniques and was off and running again.

Here are my latest earrings in polymer clay.  I used pigment powders to create the icy shades of blue.  Before I used pigment powders for the first time, I didn’t think I’d like their final appearance.  I was wrong.

Icy Blue "Shimmer" Earrings in Polymer Clay and Silver

For this flower pendant, I relied more on color-mixing the clay instead of surface treatment.  I also love the sculptural quality of clay, allowing me to give dimension to the petals and wrap them around the main oval shape.

Purple Flower Pendant in Polymer Clay and SilverFor my latest metal work, I formed a cuff bracelet from copper and sterling silver.  I’d really like to invest in a guillotine shear to make cutting large, thick pieces of metal more efficient, because I’d like to make more cuffs!

"River" cuff in copper and sterling silverAnd a here is small, sterling silver cross pendant made from hammered, flame-formed dots:

Sterling Silver Dotted Cross Pendant

I’m in the groove…at least for now. 😉


  1. Mary Olin

    Beautiful work! The clay is AWESOME!
    ….”when you least expect it…” works so well!!
    Keep on keepin’ on!!

    1. Thank you – isn’t the clay cool? *So* much potential for it. 🙂

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