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From Custom Order to Best Seller

Sometimes introducing a new jewelry design is scary: I don’t know what others will think of it.  Sometimes, others really don’t think much of a particular design.  But when I hit on something special, it’s a great feeling.

That’s how I feel about this hammered copper rope ring.  It’s made from several strands of wire that I twist together and hammer out into a rope pattern.  Since introducing it in late November, it’s become my best seller, as in I’ve sold more of this ring than any other design since I started making jewelry.  A beautiful thing, too, is that some customers have ordered it in a set of “his” and “her” bands.  That is precious to me.

Hammered Copper Rope Ring

On my own, I probably would not have made this ring.  It was, instead, inspired by a custom order I filled for a twisted copper bracelet.  The ring seemed like a natural extension of that design, and my customers have agreed.

I love that inspiration comes not only from my own surroundings and experiences.

It also comes from…you.

And for that I say “thanks.” 🙂

~ Christina


  1. It IS beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Amanda – I like it too, but my opinion is not the one that counts! 🙂

  2. Mary Olin

    I think it’s a GREATdesign!!

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