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This morning I met a friend over coffee and a cinnamon roll. We’ve known each other for years, first having met by being in the same “community group” within our church. She is someone I can be real with. Someone with whom I can share my successes and struggles and ask tough questions and receive honest answers.

Working for myself, it’s easy to become isolated during the day and not have the people interaction I sometimes need. So I cherish friends who simply say “I’m available” and carve time out just for me. That’s such a gift.

Now I’m feeling sentimental over all the friends I have in my life, even if we don’t go quite as deep. Friends just make my life more rich. I am known by them. I feel understood. And hopefully I do the same for them.

So I encourage you to allow people into your inner circle. Let them get to know you and what you’re going through at any given time. We were made to be in relationship. Life is infinitely better that way.

So here’s to friends (and cinnamon rolls):

I’m so thankful for you!



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