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Copper Jewelry, Inspired

Taking a class to gain a new skill is a good way to fast-track your learning.  Watching a live person demonstrate new techniques, and being able to bounce ideas off him/her and your classmates, results in synergy you can’t experience on your own.

It had been two years since my last metalsmith class.  Experimenting on my own during that time was effective, but I forgot how inspiring being in the classroom environment can be.  Three sessions into a class, and I’m filled with new ideas to incorporate into my jewelry.  It will take time to see which ones “stick”, but I love the little extra spark of creativity.

One of the techniques we covered is how to achieve a weathered, blue-green, verdigris patina on copper.  I’d seen this patina many times before, but never had the ambition to try it until now.

I’m a fan.Round Verdigris Copper Earrings

Round Verdigris Copper Earrings

I’ve been on a roll with copper lately and also added these to my jewelry line – a pair of mixed metal copper and silver flower post earrings:

Silver and Copper Small Flower Post Earrings

And a pair of hammered copper Ginkgo leaf earrings:

Hammered Copper Ginkgo Leaf Earrings

It’s amazing to think I may never run out of jewelry-making ideas; I’m so captivated by it.

How about you…what inspires you?  Are there simple steps you can take (perhaps a class) to catch momentum?

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