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Copper Earring Love

The past two weeks have been somewhat different from the norm: last week C and I spent a week in FL on vacation, and this week, well, I must have had too much fun because I contracted a virus that left me with a 24-hour fever, among other things.  C joked that I’m a “bubble girl” because I rarely get sick now that I work on my own.  Put me in a large crowd of people in enclosed spaces (think planes, hotel, Disney!) and I don’t stand a chance. 😉  Thankfully, I’m on the mend.

There is always mental clarity that comes the moment I realize I’m recovering from an illness.  I literally woke up with a smile this morning, extremely grateful that my fever broke during the night and anticipating how I’d spend the day.  My mind raced between making new jewelry designs, restocking current ones, drawing, painting, and (wait for it) catching up on household chores I’ve been too sick to do.  (The house actually won this morning, but the day isn’t over.)  I remembered things I want to accomplish but have set on the back burner.  My mind was renewed.

Lately I’ve also felt a sense of momentum regarding my jewelry design aesthetic, as new ideas have been freely flowing and more and more, I feel confident sharing a finished piece with the world.  It’s amazing to see the progression of my work in the nearly 2 years I’ve been making jewelry.

And there is still so much to uncover.

Below are two of my latest earring designs in copper.  The first pair I thought was truly fabulous when I finished it, full of texture and dimension.  That thought was confirmed when the original sold fairly quickly.  Now, they are available on a made-when-ordered basis, or when I can restock them!

Hammered Copper Stacked Circle Earrings

Hammered Copper Stacked Circle Earrings

These earrings are another version of the silver “River” earrings, this time with dark, oxidized copper and shiny silver accents.  They are oh-so-contemporary.

Oxidized Copper & Silver "River" Earrings

Oxidized Copper Earrings with Silver Accents – “River” Earrings

I’ve really like the finish on both sets of these earrings (patina with high shine), and it’s something I’m going to experiment with more.

Now I’m off to finish the second half of the day.  I’m still moving a little slow, but hopefully can do something more than just wash dishes and gather the trash. 😉


  1. Mary Olin

    Hi, Christina! So GLAD you’re feeling better! The Mommy in me wants to tell you to not do too much too soon!! I love your River earrings and the new copper ones! I still love the ones I have from you, also, and I wanted to ask you: What’s the best way to perk these up and make them all shiny and new again? Meantime, keep on keepin’ on, and God bless you! XX00

    1. Thanks Mary! The easiest way to make them shine again is to use a jewelry polishing cloth. They can be found at major retail stores (Target, Walmart, etc.) or local jewelry stores for just a few dollars. You can use a single cloth many times before you’d ever have to replace it. Very easy to use & convenient, too. 🙂

      1. Mary Olin


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