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Oh Charred Vine How I Love Thee

Until I started using it, I never thought about the composition of artist charcoal.  It’s not like you’ll find it on the Top 5 List of Things Required for Survival. I think you either love or loathe charcoal; there isn’t a middle ground on the passion scale.  Many artists prefer shiny, colorful paints over the […]

How Sweet It Is

A week & a half ago I sprained my ankle on the running trail while training for my upcoming half marathon.  I wasn’t sure why I fell, but knew it happened from either tripping on 1) an uneven board on the boardwalk or 2) brown, spiky, round things that had fallen from the trees. Fast-forward […]

A Cat of a Different Kind

If you’ve been following my art for long, you know this is a HUGE departure from the way I typically draw.  Nevermind that it looks like an elementary-aged student could have drawn it. A couple of friends of mine recommended a mixed-media drawing book, where the author takes a playful approach to art.  I thought […]

A Blog is Born

When I first announced my art for sale last year, I really didn’t think I’d need a blog.  Between Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, email and the phone, I’d have more than enough channels to communicate with my art friends, right?  Well, it didn’t take long to realize I can’t always get my ideas across in an […]