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Pebble Mixed Metal Jewelry

I haven’t worked with hand-formed chain too much before now, but I really enjoy the rich texture of hammered wire. When a thick gauge is used, it has a nice weight to it. These are a couple variations of the “Pebble” theme. Made from copper and sterling silver, I go back to mixed metal jewelry […]

Light for Your Path

It’s funny how you can read or hear a specific Scripture verse dozens of times, and suddenly it sinks in more deeply. This morning it was Psalm 119:105 – “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” I love the imagery of light piercing the darkness, of a warm glow straight ahead […]

More Polymer Clay Jewelry

While I think all of my pieces can be considered “art jewelry”, polymer clay jewelry especially feels that way to me. It can take on any shape or form, and be any color desired. There are no artistic limitations with this medium. When I began work on these earrings I had a specific idea in […]

Polymer Clay Earrings

Since my recent drawing spree, I had been itching to break out my polymer clay stash just so I could play with color. I also had to break out my books on polymer for a refresher, but it didn’t take long to remember how to work with it. I ended up with these textured earrings […]

Simplifying Drawing

Did you know that as a general rule, you have to know how to draw from life (i.e. keep it real!) in order to make simple, authentic drawings? It sounds counter-intuitive, but if an artwork looks simple to draw, it probably isn’t quite so simple. For four weeks, I’ve been drawing almost daily. It’s noteworthy, […]

Act 2

Lately my small business has been experiencing growing pains. On one hand it’s a good thing, because there is growth. On the other hand pain is, well, painful. I’m still learning to navigate the territory that comes with being a business owner and jeweler. Hint: it’s extremely rewarding and extremely difficult at the same time. […]

A Simple Reminder

Time at the bench has been limited and precious in recent weeks. I’ve been traveling, visiting with family, and working on an exciting new business opportunity that I’ll share with you soon. This morning, though, I spent some time in the studio, completing a copper ring order that was due today. As I applied the […]


When I catch the creative bug for something, I’m all in. I need to know, right then, how it’s done and can’t wait to try it myself. That happened to me over Christmas with…crochet. A friend introduced me to crochet years ago and I made a scarf on my own, without a pattern and without […]