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WordPress Website Development Update: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I like to end on a positive note, so let’s talk about the good, bad and ugly of my WordPress website development in reverse order. The Ugly Sometimes I wonder why I decided to use WordPress and didn’t go with a builder like Shopify or Squarespace for my ecommerce website.  The other options could potentially […]

The Skies

Psalm 19:1 I’ve thought on this verse many times, looking up at the tops of the trees and puffy clouds gracefully gliding across the sky. Even if we (humans) say nothing at all, the rest of God’s creation speaks on His behalf. “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of […]

Moving Forward

I feel like I’m entering yet another season of creativity.  As I look ahead in my calendar, there are many pages not yet filled with ink.  My thoughts are turning again to working on my website, trying new metalsmith techniques, introducing new jewelry designs…all while I have the freedom to do so.  Life experience has […]

Alpharetta Arts Streetfest

This weekend I’ll be one of the participating jewelers at the Alpharetta Arts Streetfest.  More than any other fine arts show I’ve taken part in to date, I’m really looking forward to this one.  There will be sunny skies with flowers in bloom, it’s close to home, and in an ideal location for showing my […]

It Turns Out Well

This post has been on my heart for a number of days, but I’m only now able to articulate it.  The past year has been difficult, personally, as I’ve lost a number of loved ones – far too many.  Most recently, I said goodbye to my precious Mom Steward. We met almost twenty years ago, […]

From Custom Order to Best Seller

Sometimes introducing a new jewelry design is scary: I don’t know what others will think of it.  Sometimes, others really don’t think much of a particular design.  But when I hit on something special, it’s a great feeling. That’s how I feel about this hammered copper rope ring.  It’s made from several strands of wire […]

Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

We’re just a few short weeks away from Valentine’s Day, and it occurred to me I hadn’t added any new heart designs to my shop.  How rude. 😉  What resulted was a tweak to one of my previous designs, the sterling silver double-hearts pendant with granule.  This time, I created a loop bail from thick […]

Verdigris Copper Patina

Lately I’m fascinated with the process of creating a blue, verdigris patina on copper.  The end result is always a surprise, never to be repeated again, that requires experimentation to achieve. I’m especially fond of the contrast between the aged, rustic finish and modern, geometric shapes.  Add sterling silver to the mix, and it’s a […]