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Alpharetta Arts Streetfest

This weekend I’ll be one of the participating jewelers at the Alpharetta Arts Streetfest.  More than any other fine arts show I’ve taken part in to date, I’m really looking forward to this one.  There will be sunny skies with flowers in bloom, it’s close to home, and in an ideal location for showing my work.  Plus, being surrounded by other artists and seeing their work is thrilling for me!

Today I’m pricing and organizing jewels so that I’m as ready as possible come Saturday.  I don’t quite feel that I have the variety of pieces I’d like, but I always feel that way before a show, thinking of designs that I didn’t have the time to make beforehand.  But, I’m really happy with the new work I do have, so I hope you’ll come out.  The show hours are 10am – 6pm both Saturday and Sunday.  Find all the details here.




    I’m SO excited for you!! You’re gonna do GREAT!! ((hugs)) Mary O.

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