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Christina About

Have you discovered that “thing” you were meant to do?

I’m an artist, metalsmith, and knitting pattern designer who lives near Atlanta, GA. I didn’t realize I was an artist until my late-20’s, when a local artist held an open-studio painting class at the software company where I worked. That was the spark that led me down this creative path, including a year of interior-design school where I formally learned how to draw. 

There were creative clues in my early life, like watching my dad work with his hands on car motors, the pencil drawings I sketched in middle school that came easily to me, and the burning desire to learn how to sew when I first got married. But finally putting the pieces together has been incredibly satisfying. It’s never too late to discover the natural talents and gifts we’ve been given.

I’ve been married to Chad for more than 20 years, love perusing artist boutiques, read almost exclusively non-fiction books, stay physically active, and hope coffee, chocolate, and avocados are overflowing in heaven.

As Seen on NBC's "Parenthood"

I got a surprise start in my creative career by selling one of my first drawings to the set of NBC’s TV series “Parenthood”. They found my work on Etsy shortly after I opened shop there. It aired on two episodes (that I know of!) and it was incredibly exciting to see my artwork on TV.

No supplies are off-limits when it comes to drawing: pencils, pens, brushes, paper, paints, charcoal, and digital color are all fair game. My artwork often brings you close to nature.

Limited, One-of-a-Kind

My artisan jewelry stands out from the masses with each design thoughtful, carefully crafted by hand, and only made with excellent materials – if it looks like silver, it is. I use metalsmith techniques and often wield a torch and hammer. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and can’t be found anywhere else.

Error-Free (Guaranteed)

Fun fact: I didn’t start knitting until 2020. By this time I had years of experience as a designer, so when I caught the knitting bug, I immediately started writing patterns. That meant I was learning to knit *at the same time* that I was publishing patterns. But don’t tell anyone. 😉

Each pattern is designed with beauty, clarity, and enjoyment in mind. It gets reviewed and knitted by multiple knitters before being published. In the unlikely event you find an error in your pattern, the pattern is yours – FREE.

Because yarn selection is a personal choice, each pattern provides two recommendations for your convenience: 1) requirements for the yarn used in the original sample and 2) requirements for substitute yarn in the same weight.

La Casa de mi Padre

I believe that everything we have – our time, talents, and resources – was given to us by a heavenly Father who loves us. As such, we’re stewards (see what I did there?) of what’s been entrusted to us. 

We can hold on to our possessions tightly – and find that there’s no joy in doing so. Or, we can leverage them for the good of others – and find life.

In 2014, I took my first trip to El Salvador to serve with La Casa de mi Padre, a children’s home. Their vision is to “heal hearts, restore families and bring hope of a better future to children in crisis in El Salvador, creating agents of change for generations to come, all for the glory of God.”

Since then, my heart has never been the same and I go back as often as I can.

When you support my work, you give back in a BIG way: a percentage of all profits goes directly to help the children at La Casa de mi Padre. ♥

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