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A Cat of a Different Kind

If you’ve been following my art for long, you know this is a HUGE departure from the way I typically draw.  Nevermind that it looks like an elementary-aged student could have drawn it.

A couple of friends of mine recommended a mixed-media drawing book, where the author takes a playful approach to art.  I thought it sounded like a great idea, especially to help me “loosen up” and draw from imagination more.  This cat is a result of the first exercise, drawn with ink & colored pencils.

Folks, I love this cat.  Why?  Because it doesn’t look like a real cat.  Not even close.  It’s missing a leg and has imperfections all over the place.  Yet it resembles one enough that you’d call it a “cat”.  As I used my pencils, suddenly it felt like coloring in a coloring book.  I was taken back to my childhood.  Except this time, I was the one who drew the fun animal staring back at me from the page.

There is a certain tension for me when trying to draw something as life-like as possible.  If I don’t get it near perfect, it shows (says the voice in my head).  But when drawing this cat, there were no rules.  Just me, paper, a pen & some colored pencils.  My heart sang.  Does this mean I’m going to ditch the charcoal?  No way – I love it!  But don’t be surprised if I randomly insert a cartoon giraffe into one of my charcoal drawings. 😉


  1. FABULOUS. I bet you get even better with your realistic work. The giraffe is fun.

    1. I’m so happy I gave it a try. Just from this one exercise I’m able to draw from imagination a little better, well, at least cats anyway. 🙂 Thanks girl.

    1. Thanks Brooke. 🙂

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