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100 Days of Pillows (84-90)

After my mini-meltdown 😉 at the end of Day 83, the past week and a half was hands-down my favorite of all during this project. Every pattern felt intentional, my final color choices sure (even if I struggled to get there), and I really enjoyed sitting down to draw each one.

A modern tree pattern. I’m a big fan of this color palette.

trees pattern

When I started this wildflower pattern, I intended to use the same colors found in the tree pattern. I tried and tried to make the colors work and eventually started from scratch when I realized it wasn’t happening. What surprised me was the vintage appearance of the finished design, not something I intended at all. It’s one of my new favorites.

Day 85 - Wildflowers pattern

We’ve been having beautiful spring weather in Atlanta, which inspired the flip flops on Day 86.

flip flops pattern

Naturally, a beach pattern followed.

beach pattern

Truth: this argyle pattern was inspired by caveman curling. Google “geico caveman curling” if you need a laugh and want to see the video for yourself! Also, I thought it would be helpful to include the day number with the pillow. Better late than never?

argyle pattern

I’ve wanted to draw fuchsias for a long time and this was finally the day. I envision this design on stationery, too.

fuchsia pattern

Finally, tropical Philodendron leaves. I think they were inspired after drawing the fuchsias, which is a tropical plant.

tropical leaves pattern

Only 10 more designs to go!


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