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100 Days of Pillows (77-83)

Remember the owls from Day 76? They led to four additional designs using a similar color palette, starting with this floral pattern. I added the orange-red for an extra pop of color.

I also made a discovery with this design: I prefer using a smaller ink tip for drawing details than I had been previously using. I used the smaller tip for the gold foliage and later used that same pen for the fine details on the rest of the designs.

Day 77 - Owls - Floral - blog

The 2018 winter Olympics are currently happening in Pyeongchang, South Korea and on the day of the opening ceremony, I felt inspired to draw ice skates to cheer on team USA. While I love almost all winter sports, figure skating is the most captivating to me.

Day 78 - Team USA Ice Skates - blog

Snow skis in that same vein. With these designs I realized (or remembered, rather) just how comfortable using a pencil on paper feels. Some days I go straight to my digital tablet to create more painterly designs, but this week was all about starting on paper with pencil and ink and then applying digital color.

Day 79 - Snow Skis - blog

On Day 80 I returned back to the navy and gold color palette, trying a gold background this time and drawing one of my favorite motifs – mushrooms.

Day 80 - Mushrooms - blog

It was Valentine’s Day here and I needed a little pink in my artwork.

Day 81 - White Pink Roses -blog

I thought I was done with the navy/gold palette after the mushroom pattern, but it kept calling out to me. I think the snails are a little quirky just like the owls. Those two designs have become some of my favorites in the entire pillow project! Maybe it’s because they’re animals? I love the swans, too. There might be something to that theory.

Day 82 - Owls - Snails - blog

Lastly, the final design in the “woodland” style collection. The orange-red was the last of the colors to try on the background. Because it’s so bright, I limited the other colors to just the cream and a touch of gold.

Day 83 - Owls - Acorns & Leaves -blog

Whew! The weekend is timely. I’m stretching to make these designs the best I can and I’m starting to feel it here at Day 83. The 100th design should arrive in mid-March and I have a small, irrational fear creeping in that I’ll lose steam before finishing. Again, it’s irrational, but also a human response when trying to accomplish something significant.

I’ll just keep going, one design at a time.

Have a good one. ☺

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