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100 Days of Pillows (70-76)

It’s hard to believe I just hit 75% complete on this project! When I first started I couldn’t imagine finishing a project this size. I was committed but honestly a little afraid. When it’s complete I’ll probably write a post with all that I’ve learned in this process, but for now, I’m so thankful I made this decision. It’s been good for me both personally and professionally.

Last week I made the conscious decision to slow down and be very intentional about my work. I noticed some days felt a little rushed as I tried to complete the design for that day, sometimes at the expense of quality. Because part of this project is meant to be a portfolio builder, rushing will not do! So when I’m tempted to call a pattern “done” even though I know it could use something extra, I’m allowing myself the time to really think it through. Time to draw additional motifs, change colors or try a new technique. As a result, I believe my best work is finally, FINALLY, starting to come out.

This is the companion to the floral on Day 69. I tried a new technique by applying a subtle texture I made from scratch, a trick I’m sure will get used on future designs.

The next two designs are companions. The lilies were drawn from a photo I took of a flower arrangement last year. It really pays to keep old photos around!

Snails emerged next, though I’m not positive why. Maybe the swirls on the lily pattern’s background? I’ve also noticed I really enjoy creating with gold colors.

These swans. Maybe my favorite to date. I stepped out of my comfort zone by 1) drawing birds 2) using a somewhat complex pattern with overlapping shapes and 3) using more colors than I usually do.

Cattails – simple but elegant.

The same with the feathers. I like to create simple patterns to contrast with more complex ones, such as the swans.

Last but not least, quirky owls! I think the swans naturally led here, though I had no idea the pattern would look this way until it was finished. It was a happy surprise.

I’m eager to see the remaining designs in this project. Thank you for following along with me. 🙂


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