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100 Days of Pillows (7-11)

11% complete with the 100 Days of Pillows project! It’s fun to see how, in most cases, one design naturally leads to the next. Colors used one day get repeated the next, or a floral print results in another floral print, or dots on one design lead to dots on the next.

The concept for Day 9 (3rd pillow down) unexpectedly flashed into my mind while I was winding down the night before. I literally ran into the next room to grab my sketchbook and start drawing so I could work it out on paper before the idea faded. I didn’t know the color palette I was going to use at the time, but it turned into a light, airy pattern that reminds me of clam shells and would look great in a beach house. I think it’s my favorite from this week. 🙂

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