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100 Days of Pillows (63-69)

Warmer still. The good news is that it didn’t take until Day 75 to get comfortable again, as I predicted. It seemed to happen right after my last blog post with Day 63! Creativity really does need exercise much like a muscle. If you flex it, it grows bigger. Ignore it, even for a short while, and it atrophies.

I’ve posted the pillows slightly out of the order I made them so you can see the pairings together. 3 total pairs are shown here plus the one at the bottom. A friend first hinted at a plaid coordinate for the mountain pattern (thank you!) and that set me on a path of creating a companion for every major design that followed.

I’m not sure when I fell away from making pattern collections. I enjoy creating patterns that stand on their own, but focusing on companions where at least the colors are similar to the main pattern helps the process flow better. I’m going to roll with it for as long as it feels right. Hint: the companion for the bottom pattern was created today for Day 70, but for now you’ll have to head over to my Instagram account to see it!

Day 63 - Mountains pattern

Day 65 - Mountains - Plaid Coordinate - Purple

Day 64 - Crepe Myrtle Seed Pods Pattern

Day 66 - Crepe Myrtle Seed Pods - Companion

Day 67 - Daffodils Pattern

Day 68 - Daffodils - Companion

Day 69 - Lily Wreaths pattern

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