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100 Days of Pillows (56-62)

Getting warmer. I looked back at my first 50 pillow designs and realized it took about 25 designs before things started to feel really comfortable. So if history repeats itself, given my little break at Day 50, Days 75-76 should be hopping! But, hopefully it won’t take as long this time. 😉

This ocean themed design began with an existing pattern that I tweaked and recolored. It has a lot of potential, but I can’t say it’s 100% me. I think I’d love it even more without the pink starfish and may remove them just to see what happens.

Day 56 - Under the Sea - Revised - blog

These jellyfish were in the same existing pattern that I mentioned above. I wanted to separate them out and have them swimming on their own, much like you’d see in an aquarium. I rather like this one.

Day 57 - Jellyfish Pattern - blog

A simple sunshine-y pattern drawn on a rainy day.

Day 58 - Sunshine Pattern - blog

This design came on a day when I was coming up short on what to draw. Looking through my sketchbook always helps, however, and I came across these pebbles, hand drawn in charcoal, that I hadn’t used in my work yet. I set them into a repeat pattern with a neutral, tan background. I’m pleased with its natural, organic appearance.

Day 59 - Charcoal Pebbles - blog

The charcoal pebbles led to a charcoal pear (naturally!). I experimented with bright, preppy colors and think the combination of the color and semi-realistic pear gives it a hint of pop surrealism. Not exactly my style, but still fun.

Day 60 - Charcoal Pears blog

Snowmen for Day 61, inspired by snow that blanketed our house that morning. Over the holidays I was hooked on a similar color palette and went back to it for this pattern. I felt that familiar click, when the process of drawing and the finished art feels most like me.

Day 61 - Snowman Pattern - blog

Last but not least, the moon and stars, inspired by the sunshine pattern from Day 58. It wasn’t intentional, but the various moon shapes have a dimensional effect to them that remind me of paper doilies.

Day 62 - Moon and Stars Pattern - blog

62% complete with this project!



  1. the sunshine pillow!!! i love seeing your new creations each week.

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