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100 Days of Pillows (32-36)

It was a great week creatively-speaking. I feel like something has clicked in the past couple of weeks and my work is getting better. I can now look back at some of my earlier pillow designs in this project and see where I was struggling to find my way.

While I didn’t have a set theme again this week, I think it’s one of the most consistent weeks I’ve had. It started with a white peacock feather pattern that was just calling to be incorporated with gold.

peacock feather fabric

A companion peacock pattern immediately followed and by that time, I was in the groove of using white lines within my designs.

peacock pattern

modern tree pattern

The oil lamp illustration was drawn from an actual lamp my mom gave to me, handed down from my grandparents. I was inspired by the beautiful pattern etched into the glass.

oil lamp pattern

Lastly, a terrarium pattern that started with an illustration I made earlier in the year…that also used white lines to represent glass. Today I drew the plants for the 2nd terrarium, the one with the flowering cacti, and created the repeat.

terrariums pattern

2 months from now I may look back at these and again say I was trying to find my way. Even if so, I see real progress happening!


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