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100 Days of Pillows (27-31)

Well, there was no planned theme this week as I thought I might have. Coming up with a theme I’m willing to commit to for a week is challenging! In many ways I like being able to draw whatever subject I feel like drawing for the day. On the flip side that leaves too many options available. Nonetheless, the week ended well and I feel like I’m finding my stride.

Days 28 (Halloween) and 29 were especially fun since I used digital watercolor. Painting the pumpkins felt so much like using real watercolor, or even ink, that I wanted to break out the real thing. Just having that extra bit of texture in my artwork is nice.

The tiny house design for Day 31 feels very much like “me”. It’s modern and illustrative. I can see expanding the pattern at some point by adding additional motifs, or maybe creating a companion pattern for it.

Ah, it feels good to have another week of pillow designs behind me. This one wasn’t without artistic struggle, but seeing the results after pushing through was completely worth it. ❤

checkered pattern

Halloween pumpkin pattern

foliage pattern

candle pattern

tiny houses pattern

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