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100 Days of Pillows (22-26)

Since last week I unintentionally designed mostly geometric patterns, I decided at the beginning of this week to intentionally set a theme. I chose a floral one, thinking it would be a good exercise to determine if I really enjoy making floral prints.

The conclusion? I enjoy it. I wouldn’t want to make only floral designs for the rest of my life, but they definitely have a place in my heart.

The designs for Days 22-25 were all made using a similar technique: they began as pencil drawings on paper before being inked and then converted to digital art in Illustrator. The one for today, Day 26, is different in that I started “painting” it digitally from the start, using Photoshop. It has a more painterly, textured appearance that I like. Painting using my Wacom tablet still doesn’t feel 100% natural, so I think for that reason I shy away from it, but it really does produce beautiful results.

I liked having a theme this week to help focus my thoughts. I may do the same again next week.

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