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100 Days of Pillows (12-16)

This week of the 100 Days of Pillows project felt a little more challenging than the last, but I finished with 3 more designs I’m happy with and 2 that I absolutely love.

Lesson learned: I favor patterns that have breathing space. But if they are fairly busy, including neutrals is required to give the eye a place to rest. Case in point is the paisley pattern. While I love the pattern itself, I’d like to revisit the color palette. It’s super close to where I think it should be but maybe a more neutral background will make me love the entire palette as well.

I’ve also realized that I can more easily envision some designs in outdoor spaces vs. indoors. To use the paisley example again, as-is I can picture the pillow on a chair on the back porch or even poolside. But that just might be my personal preference talking, since I’m fairly conservative with the colors I choose for my own indoor spaces.

If I change the colors on that one, I’ll post the new version here for comparison. 🙂

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