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100 Days of Pillows

Recently I’ve had a shift in the way I approach my artwork, that began when I started envisioning my artwork on home decor. The question that now frequently comes to mind is: “Would I put this design in my own home?”.

It’s surprising how much the answer to that question can change the outcome of a design. If the answer is “no”, then I know the artwork is not really “me” and either needs re-working or gets tossed into the scrap pile. Asking that question has also rekindled my love of interior design, which I studied for a full year back in the day. So starting a personal project with a focus on home decor seems like a natural segue.

The idea of an artist personal project is not new. Illustrator Andy J. Miller successfully completed his own by drawing a different character each weekday for a year. More recently, artist Zoe Ingram completed 100 days of plates. I have both of them to thank for inspiring me to take on this project of 100 Days of Pillows.

There are several goals I’d like to accomplish with this project:

1)  Grow my skill set as an artist and designer.
2)  Build a strong body of work for my portfolio.
3)  Hopefully draw more attention to my work for the sake of…
4)  Growing my business so that I can…

  • make more art.
  • give more.

I believe leveraging my talents for the benefit of others is part of my purpose on this globe. (You can read about the ministry that has captured my heart on the bottom of my About page.)

So today, I’m committing to create artwork for 100 different pillow designs across 100 week days. They will be as consecutive as possible, but with the upcoming holidays and planned travel, there will be short breaks here and there. I’ll post each one to my Instagram and Facebook pages so you can follow along and will update, less frequently, here as well.

Here is Day 1 of 100 Days of Pillows!

The design was derived from a simple stacked stone sketch I made in my art journal recently.

Stones - Pillow

Is this a pillow I would place in my own home?

The answer is definitely “yes”. 🙂

~ Christina

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